Wings of Promised Chain: a poem by Naz


He slept with bombs exploding in his head

Singing quietly what his mother had said

Of a sunny world that would take his hand

Alas he didn’t know it was No Man’s Land


He voyaged far on tears of many souls

Scratched by wooden daggers that gradually unfold

Though his heart was weakened by every single blow

Thoughts of the sunny world made his weary eyes glow


Now he’s standing on the rocky shores

No welcome signs on these wide-open doors

And yet he has to fly on wings of promised chain

Nothing’s there for him but pain pain pain



“The poem, Wings of Promised Chain, refers to a group of asylum seekers who were immediately transferred to Manus Island by the Australian government upon reaching Australian shores. The poem reflects the journey of distraught yet hopeful asylum seekers travelling by boat, and how their hopes are shattered by the inhumane immigration laws of the Australian government.” (Naz).