All I Stole Was Your Skin


— by Taija


I found myself head-deep in the frays of the moons shoulder

Where people travel on donkeys and carry an eagle on their arm

Where they battle their windowsills for a fucking good nights sleep

Where your eyes, once perpetually blemished from tears

Now disguised as the rain


At first I prayed for peace

Then came enmity

“Mainlining emotion sure don’t help”

Says the songstress dressed in leaves


Inside delusion I battle destruction

And it breathes down my neck

Like all the colours our human eyes cannot see

Fucking my every whim on the banks of my own reality

Turning bedrooms into skies

With preposterous opinions


I’ve become more careful these days

Of my irregularities

I try not to fall in love with the vulgar side to life

But child’s play cries louder in the night

And I am already senile from the blood of my elders

But here are the strings

Of what was once a spine

I believe you have seen these before



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