I’ll Be Your First Mate (IBYFM) was initiated by a small group of Melbourne-based artists and academics in early 2014. Our aim was to provide a point of entry for fellow Australians who wanted to do something to help asylum seekers, but were unsure how to go about it, or where to start. We felt that street protests or other forms of activism are not always practical or suitable for everyone.


IBYFM believes art helps us think through complex and difficult issues and, as such, art is core to its mandate. However, IBYFM welcomes everyone, including those people who do not consider themselves artistic! After all, we need a lot of help to manage and share the art produced.


Essentially, IBYFM is about providing a space where people can contribute whatever skills they have in order to promote a new, aesthetic connection with refugee rights and the current migration crisis.


For more information on what YOU can do, please see the What You Can Do page on this website.