Principles, Philosophies and Politics

I’ll Be Your First Mate believes:


…in an Australia that helps others and is open to new relationships and connections;

…that everyday Australian life is implicitly interconnected with the lives of all others;

…that, as a migrant country, Australia is well-equipped to share life experiences and knowledges;

…that many Australians are frustrated with the government’s response to asylum seeker arrivals, but are unsure how to channel this frustration; and

…that sometimes it’s easier to converse and explore meaning through art than it is through formal words.


A Word on Politics

IBYFM is not interested in reinforcing binary positions of “us” vs. “them” and ultimately engaging in divisive, dead-end conversations. We want to open up the conversation and allow fragmentation. For these reasons, I’ll Be Your First Mate is not principally aligned with any political organisation or ideology, although it does support the work of many advocacy organisations (see Links Page for a list of these).


We believe that Australians are tired of being misled by media and politicians. IBYFM is an independent information site where all people concerned about the treatment of asylum seekers can gather, regardless of their broader political alliances.


I’ll Be Your First Mate examines the situation with an investigative, interrogative approach. It researches claims made about asylum seekers and illuminates what often gets lost in the politicising, notably, the information, the ‘facts’ and the alternative questions. It engages art to provide different pathways to both these facts and questions.


While we welcome diverse approaches, this site will not tolerate aggressive comments of any form. Racism is most certainly not welcome here.