If You Are An Artist

We are calling on YOU to contribute artworks to I’LL BE YOUR FIRST MATE. And we really do mean YOU—not just someone you know who is ‘artistic.’ Anyone who has something constructive to express about the asylum seeker debate in Australia is welcome in this artistic space. This means you can get your kids on board too if you wish. And your dog. And your cat 🙂 Here’s the resident IBYFM cat getting creative:




Here’s what you need to know about submitting artworks:


  1. The creative work can be in a medium of your choosing: sketch, paint, animation, collage, poetry, photography, song, short story, haiku… and so on;


  1. The team at IBYFM will endeavour to post all work on the website: yourfirstmate.org and some of it will also feature on IBYFM’s social media accounts: twitter, Instagram, Facebook.


  1. You can choose to be anonymous or provide a name for your work. How public or private you wish to be about your submission is your decision.


  1. You will have the option of having your visual work added to the IBYFM Red Bubble catalogue. This means you (and anyone else that fancies your work) can buy clothing or stickers with YOUR WORK printed on it. Remember that 100% of proceeds made from the Red Bubble sales goes to the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre, Melbourne. If you select this option on the submission form, we will contact you to confirm further details.


  1. Work submitted should be no bigger than 5MB or 1000 words long. Please note that if you are submitting a larger file, e.g. a movie file, we have a dropbox system that we can share with you. If your file is larger than 5MB, please email us on hello@yourfirstmate.org to arrange file sharing.


  1. We’re happy to share art from any perspective so long as it does not contain hateful language or representations. In that regard, we will be selective about what works we post on our sites.


Okay, that’s the formalities out of the way!


To submit, click HERE, or go to ART > Submit Your Artwork on the website menu, and follow the form instructions.


Any hassles, please do drop us a line at hello@yourfirstmate.org and we will resolve it asap.


Happy creating/crafternooning!