If You Are Not An Artist

If you do not consider yourself ‘a creative’ you might feel that you do not have anything to contribute. But this is not the case!


IBYFM wants to bring together the vast and varied skills everyone has to contribute to new forms of discussion about asylum seekers. The goal is for people to take ownership of the project in a way that is relevant and personally practical, so that we have a bunch of little projects popping up about the country and beyond.


While art is a core theme, the art needs A LOT of help being managed and distributed! And we want to think about ‘art’ in the broadest, most collaborative manner possible. So, maybe you have skills in IT, or you are a member of a community organisation with good networks, or you happen to be ace at scrapbooking or gardening. We’d love you to think about how you might turn that skill or hobby into something that could contribute to the asylum seeker conversation that IBYFM is facilitating.


In short: please don’t be discouraged if you’re not Picasso or Rumi! Feel free to throw ideas at us to see where they lead. Even if we can’t think of a way to use your meticulous filing skills right now, later on that might just be the very thing we need :).


Some specific things that you can do to help out include:


– distribute stickers &/or call for art fliers;

– ask your local café, bakery, small business, or your place of work to decorate their business with IBYMF art.

-help with printing &/or stencilling;

– help us to paste-up posters/street art;

– share our stuff on social media; &

– of course: submit a creative piece for sharing, i.e. a poem, a sketch, a cartoon, a song, etc. Please remember that this extends to kids (if they’re at an age to talk about refugees & migrants, of course).


If you would like to register your interest in any of the above activities, or have an idea you’d like to throw in the IBYFM hat, please do so by emailing hello@firstmate.org.


We look forward to hearing from you.